ASSOCIATION: Tai Chi Chi Chuan, a martial art to boost your physical and mental health in Saint-Quentin

The Amma’Zen association has proposed an initiation session of this martial art which aims to harmonize body and mind.


Sunday, 10 o’clock.It’s barely three degrees in Isle Park.It’s not enough to chill a group of about 20 people to head to a small patch of lawn behind the children’s playground.

Jean-Luc Poulet, a state-qualified teacher of karate and related disciplines, and Pascale Libaud, an instructor, both members of the Amma’Zen association, are about to conduct an initiation session in Taï-chi-chuan, a Chinese martial art that combines slow movements and breathing, allowing one to relax and achieve inner well-being.

Between the shots from the Harly shooting range and the cries of the birds in the Parc d’Isle, Jean-Luc Poulet manages, with his soft voice, to invite the participants to clear their minds and follow him towards the path of relaxation and serenity.

We don’t just raise our arms, it’s not gymnastics,” says the teacher, in order to wring the neck at a cliché that often comes back to this ancestral practice.What’s important in Tai-chi is the present moment.”

Catch-up session on March 29th

The session begins, the very soft gestures are accompanied by inhalation and exhalation exercises “to become one with the environment.We’re looking for fluidity, looseness in movement.”

No physical condition is required to practice this discipline, the sequences are short and easy to follow to let go and focus on listening to yourself, you just need a nice kimono, I found mine in second-hand , and your happiness.

Marie-Christine, a woman in her fifties, was seduced by this session.She came “out of curiosity,” she says.I practice Tai Chi-chuan on video, it’s not the same.Besides, I’ve never done it in a group before.Outdoors is better than in the living room.” What she seeks through the practice of this martial art? “Inner well-being, balance, a questioning.”